Saturday, September 10, 2016

Project status before holiday

Here is a progress report so I can remember where I was (though I do have my 39 bookmarks).

(Is that where Buchan got his title The 39 steps? The number is on my mind since we have 39 steps from ground level to our flat, really obvious to us in this time of stressed mobility.)

There is a very complex calculation concerning what's done and what's not done in Bob's Bible. On the optimistic front, I have done nearly 40% on most counts and have now guessed pairwise more than 50% of words, and sketched singly more than 85%. But the completed chapters only comprise 32% of verses and 26% of words. There is a discrepancy here because there have been touches all over the place in the incomplete chapters, so measurement including direct work and software guesses is tricky.

In the graph below you can see that almost every chapter published (except 15 of 366) since the dawning of the decade, has been touched again in the last 6 months. Decisions made in one part of the puzzle ripple through all prior 'completed' parts of the puzzle. The software flags discrepancies in some cases, but in most cases where a passage is very similar to another, the software translates it automatically so that phrasing in initial English glosses is the same. (This does not mean that the final decision is made though. The human still must approve or adjust as seems necessary.)

And here is the list of remaining chapters and the percent complete based on words where decision or reasonably good guess has been made. There also remain about 45000 words which are unknowns, down from about 60,000 since 2016.03.31, so dropped by 25% in the last 23 weeks. 23 books of 39, 563 chapters to go, 15,353 (66.3%) verses with no draft of the English sentence. There are very few left where there is a draft that lacks underlying detail of the words).
Book % complete Remaining chapters
GENESIS 34.12 38
EXODUS 32.92 34
LEVITICUS 23.15 26
NUMBERS 36.14 31
JOSHUA 23.78 23
JUDGES 25.17 19
1 SAMUEL 39.09 25
2 SAMUEL 21.63 23
1 KINGS 39.58 18
2 KINGS 38.22 19
ISAIAH 27.25 52
JEREMIAH 31.57 46
EZEKIEL 20.91 46
HOSEA 33.01 11
PROVERBS 19.8 27
JOB 87.89 6
ESTHER 14.48 9
DANIEL 12.01 10
EZRA 16.09 9
NEHEMIAH 20.25 12
1 CHRONICLES 22.65 27
2 CHRONICLES 38.61 28