Friday, September 2, 2016

Adam in another guise

I recall my first memory of the Eucharist in the old Bishop's University chapel in Lennoxville. Sometime after that the clatter of little cups in the pews is a memory of the communion held every three months in the United church of Granby. Was I being trained in advance even then by an invisible presence?

Doug Chaplin has continued his writing on the 39 articles and in the last two posts has been writing on the Eucharist. Altogether these are a very nice pair of articles and worth reading and following. Memory is the order of the day for Alan Kurdi. The shape of his body on the beach is the shape of the Lamb that was slain.

I could not post this last year but now in the distance, I think we ought to recognize the open sore that is the Syrian war. That phrase open sore is suggested to me by an article in the Journal of Biblical Literature 2016, (Volume 135, #2) by Amy Kalmanofsky about the open sore in the book of Jeremiah. The human body has an open sore. How will be stop the bleeding? I am reminded of the healing of the woman in the Gospels.

We must do more than remember, but we must remember.