Saturday, January 2, 2016

What are your favorite parts of the Old Testament

I am embarking on a new book. I have three months for research and work at the University of Victoria on a new fellowship. I wonder if the time is right... I hope to produce a short readable and singable book on the music of the OT.

My initial outline is this

  • Leviathan in the Psalms and in Job, 
  • Consolation, Psalms 90-91, Isaiah 40, 53 and 55,
  • Praise, Psalms 146, and 150.


  • Exit, Exodus 15, 
  • Sanctuary, Exodus 25, 
  • Wandering, probably Baalam,
  • Commandment, Deuteronomy 6, 10 and maybe others.


  • Earth, Hannah,
  • Rule, David, Solomon, Jezebel, Hezekiah,
  • Instruction, Israel, The nations,
  • Riddle, Song, Qohelet, Proverbs 8


  • Lament, Psalm 42, 89, Lamentations
  • Restoration, Psalms 110-112, Isaiah 61
  • Reluctance, Jonah

Curious that I have Restoration as a subdivision of Exile. I've heard much on the wilderness as a metaphor for us, but I think the real problems are exile and our inability to deal with difference.

Appendix will be developed from my earlier paper on Punctuation and Music.

Mostly I want to make this a readable and singable book. Provisionally entitled, The Song in the Night.

Ideas as to what else I should include.