Sunday, January 10, 2016

Google translate and an Arabic Phrase book

Improvements including aural recitation are evident in Google translate

For example, to learn a little Arabic you can use and

Just paste a phrase into the left side in Arabic and then see and hear the translation. English-Arabic is equally easy.

To see the letters, put your cursor into the Arabic box and carefully separate them, Watch them change shape. Several letters have 4 different shapes depending on whether they are first (right), middle, or ending the word (left) or stand alone.

Very interesting programming problem interpreting the font.

Here is good morning together صباح الخير
and here are the separate letters ص ب اح ال خ ي ر
right to left - morning - ṣ (sad, Hebrew tsade), b (ba, bet), a (alif used as a vowel), ḥ (ha, chet)
then - good - alif (alef), lam (lamed), kha (kaf), ya (yod), ra (resh).

Press the read phonetically and the Latin characters appear sabah alkhyr

type in good in English and see the variety of definitions and translations below. Or use this link to get this picture:

Conclusion - our families must have sufficient computers to help them learn.

Also check out the Google translation community here: