Saturday, October 10, 2015

Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it

When you go into the polling booth, remember
  • Budgets should not be in omnibus bills along with other unsavory parts. Forcing your ideas on others is not democracy. It is a form of bullying. These bills are the actions of a fearful minority who want to impose their own binary sense of what is right on the majority. 
  • And as for balanced budgets, there's a time for surplus and a time for deficits - how else could one play on a teeter-totter?
  • Just judgment of other humans: the case of Omar Khadr. 
  • When you aren't sure about something - and can't face your uncertainty, muzzle the opposing voices. Suppress voices about climate change. Shut down libraries, environmental protection, and research projects. Muzzle the scientists. 
  • Target those who disagree with you. - sic CRA on them. Get their charitable status revoked (or other actions).
  • Promote fear of the other, whether of dress or religion - unless you can cajole them into voting for you or use them as a photo op.
  • Impose maximum sentences. This is failure in the area of law and order. Law is not a trivial subject. Punishment is not the only resolution to those whose decisions are poorly made.  
  • Remove information - the long census form and the long gun registry Good information is needed by everyone.
  • Remove the right to vote from those who spend their lives on our behalf reporting internationally or the like.
  • Centralize power to an unaccountable office. (Even unaccountable to the PM who apparently did not know what was going on in his own office.)
  • Feed media lines to those of your party who must speak in public. Can we not find candidates for cabinet who can think on their feet and who know the file?
  • Pick fair candidates for positions in the Senate. Say no more.
  • Pick fair candidates for the Supreme Court. Respect the decisions of the Judiciary.
  • Benefit the few and not the poorest. If your promises were badly considered, then don't fulfill them but explain why. Show compassion for those who cannot take advantage of policies poorly thought out like income-splitting.
I am looking for policies in the candidates in this election that relate to the difficult process of choosing and building a cooperative team and managing opposing views. I did not find any of this in the Conservative government of the past four years.

There is no Liberal candidate in my riding. So I won't be voting Liberal. To vote Conservative is out of the question. I will be voting.

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