Saturday, October 3, 2015

Long recitations after the atnach

I found an easy way to query the music as a by product of the production process in XML about long recitations on any note. Eventually I will build in the data to my database.

There are a few long recitations on the subdominant after the atnach mid-verse cadence. E.g. Psalms 135:5 for I myself know Yahweh is great (rest) and our Lord more than all gods (recit on the subdominant then straight to the tonic.)
Looking at other books, Job 42:12 has a 12 beat recitation on A. 
And Yahweh blessed Job's end more than his beginning ^A
and it came to him fourteen thousand sheep -->C and six thousand camels --> e
and a thousand pair of oxen and a thousand she-donkeys.
Just look at its joyfulness.

It turns out this is quite a frequent situation. I have just noted 127 verses in Genesis that have a recitation longer than 5 beats on the subdominant.

So - with many thousand verses to consider, is there a pattern that reveals something? ?