Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Religious exclusivism

This article by the Oxford University Press blog reveals a word-stem-based extremism and an insight into how the cognate languages of Arabic and other stem based languages like Hebrew might be read. But read, my dears, with love and good humour rather than fear and death and the self-seeking self-righteousness that completely misunderstands, if understanding is even a prerequisite, the love of God. Understanding is of course emphatically not prerequisite, if by understanding we really mean 'control over'.

Loyalty to the invisible and infinite that excludes the visible and finite is disloyalty to all, self, and sundry. (1 John 1 somewhere).  You know, someone who says I love G-d and hates his kin to the point of destruction is not saying anything truthful about such 'loyalty' to G-d.

To go further, 'religion' has been correctly put down from its exclusive place by the secular. No where is this clearer than in the book For the Life of the World, by Alexander Schmemann. Saying such does not require you to be exclusively orthodox. Get it?

Same day - another good link from Rabbi Laurence Hoffman.