Saturday, April 18, 2015


From younger selves who were nevertheless the same self though different, Kurk vs Ker, from glory days. This post from BLT is a carnival in itself, and some of the ancient links, treasure.

Here is a guest post on a recent trip to Israel - pomegranate in razor wire again. Thanks to Tim Bulkeley of the Five-Minute Bible and the early post-modern sansblogue.

And for something completely different, how to infer distribution during the play of the hand in bridge. It's not really counting but it really counts to be able to do it.

What! You play cards, tch, tch, tch. Well, bridge is the best - it challenges you to speak in a language that is incapable of matching the variety of the world it seeks to describe. Just like theology. And it trains the memory better than drugs, and it teaches you patience, forgiveness, courtesy, and a host of other related skills. Just like the Good Book.