Monday, April 4, 2011

State of the project

These notes are for me, reminding me where am I before I run on.

I am finding errors of commission - both in stem analysis and concordance within one poem and sometimes across several poems. Errors of commission are easier to find than errors of omission.  So if you see recurrence where I have not, please let me know. Generally if word a is derived from word b, then all a's are mapped to b, but sometimes I keep b and a separate.

I am up to psalm 89 on the completion of the geodesic dome - the full set of lists of frames and their glosses as used in each psalm. The joins in the dome are almost complete.  I am finding fewer and fewer places where I need to republish or review past psalms.

I am paused at psalm 64 while I complete 89-150 in the step above. Easier to find omissions now than to have to re-jig several areas of the dome later.

At PoC, there will be hopefully 9 more posts this month bringing us up to psalm 37. We are at psalm 28. My online version of the translations on this blog is ahead of the pdf version by about 10 days. There have been about 60 to 70 changes in my translations in the last week! And the number of errors I have corrected in my list of words and their roots, while diminishing, is still high. Probably about 200 this week. I.e. 1%. That's down from 20% in the first two seeks of correction in early February. Of the 20000 words in the psalter, I had probably a 25-30 error rate in the algorithm I developed last year. That is indicative of my limited ability to code artificial intelligence routines.  So 4 to 5000 corrections later... here we are. That's where I am.

The plan - finish the glosses for books 4 and 5, (2-3 weeks) respond to errors and republish any necessary changes especially in the list of frames in the appendix.
Then write up by October a draft of the whole. In 4 months I am about 40% drafted - so the target does not seem unreasonable.
Then print a draft copy for review, criticism, and presentation during my research fellowship time at the University. October to December 2011.
Secure a publishing contract.  Ideas? interest? please let me know in a comment or at bob macdonald (all one word) [at] And thanks to those who have expressed interest.