Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First complete pass at the glossary complete

By my count at the moment there are 1473 distinct roots in the psalms. That is that the 19584 words (yup changed again) reduce to 1473 distinct related words. (Give of take a few odd decisions and a few errors I haven't yet found.) That is a fairly large vocabulary. (That count excludes pronouns and particles used with the object marker which I almost always reduced to את.)

My English glosses count to 41,000 words, just over 2 x the Hebrew word count.  I think I have got them all in a place where I can scrutinize them!!!! and either be fixed by them or fix them.

My initial suspicions are that I have some places where I have been reasonably consistent. I know places where I have no intention of being consistent. And there are places where I have reduced multiple Hebrew words to the same English gloss - and I suspect that is unnecessary and probably due to the paucity of my language. There are also a few places where I have been deliberately slightly off the wall - whether these translations live on or not I don't know. But they do provide the occasional laugh. And there are places where I have blundered that I hope I will find.