Monday, April 4, 2011

Science, fiction, and eternity

It's a curious thing that space travel is simply not possible

without time.

Similarly time travel is not possible without a dimension that includes all time, much as time includes all space.

So if there is such a dimension, and there are rumours of such a thing, then being on time, as the white rabbit notes, is crucial, but one need not be in a hurry for all time is present in this new dimension.

That makes the present very important, personally, socially, and historically.

It may be that faith is a way to such a place. Behold the place... three trees on the low sky

where all things are made new.

Behold the space you are given in it... not a moment too soon.

As my old teacher used to say: a word to the wise is sufficient. In all of his self-torture, I hope he knew the way.

With acknowledgement to T.S. Eliot and one of my favorite poems