Sunday, April 3, 2011

For the Anointed Love

David Ker has written - here is a brief echo from across the canyon. Contrary to what John Hobbins noted in his promotion of this e-book, there appears to be no danger of ITD's* from the link for adequately protected computers (and readers).

David has turned his blog posts into a book.  These are posts from the early days when bloggers still talked to each other. Blogging still rocks but the earth has expanded and the distances are great.  David has linked to long forgotten but substantial posts. Does this indicate a real possibility of limited permanence in blogging over books that are not e-transmitted?

Perhaps deep speaks to deep still. I see that Tim Bulkley has also noted the arrival of this e-note. His title the third preposition reminds me of both the scandal of particularity in The Third Peacock and the flexibility of prepositions.

As I have noted before, there are bloggers that I miss greatly whose blogs have been removed or privatized. There are some still around that I don't find time to read. But what will happen to those links in the long run? How long will my company put up with the megabytes of memory I have used after my retirement?  How long will Picasa and Google and Blogger keep the old syndications?  And I am sure that Facebook and Twitter are even less amenable to research - unless you like unraveling bits and pieces of old threads from a Geniza.

* (ITD Internet-transmitted-disease)