Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starting again

My reading improved during this exercise over the past 7 weeks summarized here - so I am starting again. I have repaired over 100 posts today conforming the style to what I ended with except for the first few psalms. In spite of the necessity for repairs, I don't think I need to start a new blog somewhere else under an assumed name.

I am beginning to wonder if I have enough saturation level to get a handle on what the writer of the epistle of the Hebrews was doing when he used the psalms. Notice the different framing of that question. I'm not actually as much interested in the cultic aspects of Hebrews as I am in the dialogue - the way in which a child is to learn not only from the tradition but from the source - like Samuel.  We talk a lot about the cult - it is the foreground. But I think we miss the point since we have the answer.

This class of error is more than a blunder. It's a downer.

Anyway - I will sleep on it. But I have begun a conversation here with Brian Small who was at the Hebrews conference also.

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