Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summary of Book 4

Here are the new frames by psalm for Book 4. No doubt that Moses is the envelope - but what is in the package? I can't say that I have an answer. Most of these psalms have no handle - like an author or the like whereby one might put them into a 'package'.

A prayer and answer
90 - of transient growth and limited years
91 - answer to Psalm 90 - delivery from plague

92 - about flourishing. A statement of security -
I have been anointed with luxuriant oil
93 - the floods against majesty clothed. This short psalm intimates that the deck is stacked against יְהוָה

the torrents have lifted up יְהוָה
the torrents have lifted up their voice
the torrents will lift up their waves

94 - how long vengeance - will God consider? correction / cut off - this denies that there could be any contradiction in God

Is the throne of ruin in league with you?
framing toil on a statute?

95 - the teaching psalm used in Hebrews - no new frames

יְהוָה rules
96 - the first of the royal group - no new frames
97 - from within the presence - fire
98 - on the harp
99 - - the last of the royal group - no new frames
I suspect the above 4 psalms have a structure 'together'. There are several repeated phrases in the four.

100 - instruction to all to worship
101 - destruction

My eyes are on the faithful of earth
to live with me
walking in a way of completeness
Such a one will minister to me

The next five psalms are a long recapitulation of need and history of promise and failure to respond
102 - prayer - of withered herbage - Hebrews applies words to the son that are applied to יְהוָה in this psalm.
103 - nurturing compassion - as benefits the grasses' flush
104 - a recapitulation of creatures from the upper rooms
105 - of Abraham and portents - borders
106 - The reed sea, Moses in the breach - extermination, plague, and idols

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