Monday, August 9, 2010

Summary to psalm 72

Psalm by psalm I am now trying to characterize each psalm by its new frames in the title of the post - so you can see the summary at a glance on the right panel of archive links.

61- my vow
62- of lies and vanity - and silence
63- a psalm of joy (finally)
64- three bull's eyes and a miss (shooting arrows)
65- provision for the ends of the earth
66- testing and prayer
67- the produce of the earth
68- captivity captive - riding the storm
69- sinking in overflowing floods in depth ...
70- hurry
71- the declarations of youth and age
72- Sun moon and Sheba complete Book 2

A set of Davidic poems are in this section of the gallery - and they are noted as complete with Psalm 72 - where by implication Solomon is included in the Davidic group.

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