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Psalms 14

 Psalms 14 is doubled in Psalms 53. Psalms 14 uses ihvh. Psalms 53 uses Elohim. (The 150 psalms are organized as a sandwich. The bread is ihvh and the meat Elohim.) The linked post for 53 above was written in January, a time when the godly were behaving badly - and many still are. The second linked post was written in 2011.

Why is Psalms 14 part of the current series, 11-25? Is there an emotional / conceptual / theological progression from 11-25? 

Like 53, most of the verses are tricola. As I noted back in January on Psalms 53, nbl, the senseless, is a musical instrument. So sing. It is also corpse! Whoever invented this Holy Tongue has a sense of humour. Who has not seen the trouble of this world? The illnesses, the accidents, the genetic mutilations of normalcy, autoimmune diseases, the fear, the privilege, the self-protection, the wars ... But the Scripture and its aspirate reality gives 'stamina' (a favorite word of Janos Sandorof blessed memory, a conductor and friend raised under the Soviets).

Senseless said / says, God? of no account. Is God a failure? The creation is good. The human children are not doing good. Good is a complex number. There is an imaginary part that can be expressed as a quantum superposition. A probability. It gives us room to move.

thlim id Psalms 14 Fn Min Max Syll
a lmnxk ldvid
amr nbl blibo ain alohim
hwkitu htyibu ylilh ain yowh-'tob
1 For the leader. Of David.
Senseless said in its heart, God? Nothing.
They destroy, they do abomination, wantonness. There is none doing good.

3e 4C 7
b ihvh mwmiim hwqif yl-bni-adm
lraot hiw mwcil
dorw at-alohim
2 Yahweh, from the heavens, leaned over to have a look at the human children,
to see if there was any insight,
searching out God.
3d 4B 11
g hcol sr ikdiv nalku
ain yowh-'tob
ain gm-akd
3 The lot of them are stubborn, altogether corrupt.
There is none doing good,
not even a single one.
3d 4C 9
d hloa idyu cl-poyli-avvn
aocli ymi aclu lkm
ihvh la qrau
4 Did they not know, all these workers of mischief,
eating my people as they eat bread?
Yahweh they do not call.

3d 4B 9
h wm pkdu pkd
ci-alohim bdor xdiq
5 There they dread dread,
because God is in the generation of one who is righteous.
C 3e 4C 6
v yxt-yni tbiwu
ci ihvh mkshu
6 You shame the advice of the poor,
because Yahweh is their refuge.
3e 4B 7
z mi iitn mxion iwuyt iwral
bwub ihvh wbut ymo
igl iyqob iwmk iwral
7 When will the salvation of Israel be given from Zion?
When Yahweh turns the captivity of his people,
Jacob will rejoice, Israel will be glad.
f 3d 4B 12

Music - do the two psalms share their music? About 50%. Click the links for pdf's of the score.
e rev,ole,f# zar,C B g B ^A e rev,e f# rev,B e 
e rev,zar,d e ole,f# g B ^A ger,e 
e f# zar,d ole,f# C e ^A ger-rev,e 
e f# zar,d ole,f# B g B ^A ger-rev,B e 
C B ^A e ger-rev,B e 
e f# ^A g B e 
f# B zar,d ole,f# B g B ^A f# ger-rev,f# e 
e f# e rev,f# e 
zar,C B g B ^A e ger-rev,e f# ger-rev,B e 
e rev,zar,d e ole,f# g B ^A ger-rev,e 
e f# zar,d ole,f# C e ^A ger-rev,e 
e f# zar,C ole,f# B g B ^A ger-rev,B e 
C e zar,d ole,f# e rev,g B ^A ger-rev,e f# e 
f# B zar,d ole,f# B g B ^A f# ger-rev,f# e 

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