Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tone of voice, continued, and the root pls

 The amount of work implied for each of these posts is extensive, but they are easy to produce. The music is generated for a verse. Musescore reads the XML. I use its photo feature and copy and paste the photo into the blogger editor - congratulations all around. The blogger editor feature that allows paste image is great.

The remaining uses of pls are all in the books of poetry. Tone changes slightly for these books. They are more song than proclamation.

Psalms 78:50 He leveled a pathway for his anger. //
He did not keep back their being from death, //
and he imprisoned their lives to the pestilence.
Here the pathway is leveled. You can see some overlap in sounds in the English glosses. But path is different from pathway and different from way. They are all together in the section on the domain Way in the list of glosses. (No translation is perfect. I will try to avoid misleading you. Be very careful what sorts of theology you infer from what may be random associations in a translation. Remember that a human seeks power. Power to do what is good can degenerate into power over others.)

I have been tempted to introduce soul into my translation these days - but only where a singular soul is attached to an implied plural or collective. You can understand my temptation. We are clearly in a time when our soul is knit into one by shared affliction.

No problem with level here or the following which also uses the verb with nouns related to the domain Way.

Proverbs 4:26 Level the track for your foot, // and all your ways will be established.
In this and the next example, the verse begins on a note other than /e/ showing that it is grammatically connected to the prior verse. (Never believe someone who tells you the accents aren't connected across verses. They most certainly are connected. Thousands of connections aptly illustrated with the music. You will not be likely to hear them without the Haïk-Vantoura deciphering key. It is for this reason that I was born and that the Most High held me till now as an arrow in his quiver. You who seek spiritual power, get busy and study correctly, not by memorizing answers.)
Proverbs 5:6, Verse 21 also continues the prior verse.

I see very clearly that all the remaining uses of pls are quite fine with the gloss level. I will take this as read. All the music is online and all the glossary is online and it can legitimately be called concordant. Unless I am persuaded otherwise, I will leave the gloss untouched in Psalms 58.

He leveled lies to his land. 
Such is said of some. 
Deliver me from my wrath.

I read some haiku for fun 
- so I turned my thought 
and my anger into one.

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