Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Psalms 56

The instrumentation or melody of this psalm - I wonder if we could hear a melody for a muted trumpet in the distance. Saying, sing and trust, but don't imagine the violent warfare in your own hands.

Only in this psalm do we see the sequence of words dbr (word) preceded by hll (praise). Tate chose exactly the same glosses I did. What does it signify - to praise a word (Verses 5 and 11)?

For reasons of concordance, I cannot agree with his rendering of konni as mercy. I have confined mercy to ksd. knn is grace. (Once only in Psalm 9, an acrostic, I allowed a long phrase with knn to include 'have mercy' so I could have the h in the English as the first letter in a verse.)

This is how strict my glosses are. I need rules to break the rules, either wordplay, as in an acrostic,  or a real Hebrew synonym to allow multiple glosses for a root, or to make the English read reasonably given our current usage and a best guess as to the intent of the Hebrew.

What is the phrase in verse 3? Only here is lkm followed by a preposition 'l'. It would imply that it does not normally require a preposition. I did a check of a few verses and I see other prepositions used (b, ym) or none. This is a language usage problem. I wonder how I could extend my system to answer such a question: what prepositions or not are used with a verb? This is an extension of the idea I proposed a couple of weeks ago - to have searchable pages of consecutively used words. (All I would need to do is replace the CJB with the Hebrew, or a SimHebrew Bible in the concordance pages - and bingo, you could scan every use in its original context.)

But the real problem word here according to Tate is the last word, mrom. I didn't notice there was a problem. I don't see the need for another m. I have rendered mrom and mmrom identically. I see that other translations vary significantly in their renderings though, some interpreting mrom as a divine name. JB moves the word into the next verse as Raise me up. Verse 4, colon 1 is very short. They have a footnote corr. (I.e. we corrected the text. Of course this is not an explanation of why.) 

Enough meandering - how does reading the psalm mature us? It is the usual questions: who is speaking to whom about what and how do we identify with the speaker or not. It is quite an emotional exploration. Here we have the expression, in God I will trust, in the midst of what might be violent party strife in the nation. But let us not be presumptuous.





almnxk yl-iont alm rkoqim ldvid mctm,
bakoz aoto plwtim bgt.
1For the leader. On the dove dumbed by distances. Of David. A miktam,
when the Philistines in Gath grasped him.
bkonni alohim ci-wapni anow.
cl-hiom lokm ilkxni.
2Be gracious to me O God, for a mortal bears down on me.
All the day long fighting grips me.
gwapu worrii cl-hiom,
ci-rbim lokmim li mrom.
3My watchers bear down all the day long,
for many are fighting me from on high.
diom aira.
ani aliç ab'tk.
4Day I fear.
I in you will trust.
hbalohim ahll dbro.
balohim b'tkti la aira.
mh-iywh bwr li?
5In God I will praise his word.
In God I will trust.
I will not fear, What will flesh do to me?
vcl-hiom dbrii iyxbu.
ylii cl-mkwbotm lry.
6All the day long they torture my words.
Over me are all their devices for evil.
ziguru ixponu hmh yqbii iwmoru,
cawr qivu npwi.
7They amass, they treasure, they themselves my footsteps watch,
as they wait for me.
kyl-avvn pl't-lmo?
baf ymim hord alohim.
8Is their security over mischief?
In anger bring peoples down, O God.
'tnodi sprt-ath.
wimh dmyti bnadç.
hloa bsprtç?
9My waverings you yourself book.
You lay up my tears in your bottle.
Are they not in your book?
iaz iwubu aoibii akor biom aqra.
zh-idyti ci-alohim li.
10Then my enemies will turn back in the day I call.
This I know for God is mine.
iabalohim ahll dbr.
bihvh ahll dbr.
11In God I will praise a word.
In Yahweh I will praise a word.
ibbalohim b'tkti la aira.
mh-iywh adm li?
12In God I will trust. I will not fear.
What will an earthling do to me?
igylii alohim ndriç.
awlm todot lç.
13Over me, O God, are your vows.
I will make whole thanksgivings to you.
idci hxlt npwi mmvvt hloa rglii mdki?
lhthlç lpni alohim,
baor hkiim.
14For you deliver me from death. Will you not my feet from tripping?
So I will walk in the presence of God,
in the light of the living.

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