Sunday, January 17, 2021

Psalms 55

Is this how you pray for your enemies? Short answer, Yes. You don't take these actions into your own hands, because vengeance does not belong to you. This is how to learn both self-control and when you have a self, then self-giving. If you are looking for the prophecy of Trump, try verse 21-22.

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almnxk bnginot mwcil ldvid. 1For the leader. On strings. An insight of David.
bhazinh alohim tpilti,
val-ttylm mtkinti.
2Give ear O God to my prayer,
and do not obscure yourself from my supplication.
ghqwibh li vynni.
arid bwiki vahimh.
3Attend to me and answer me.
I am restless in my pondering and discomfited.
dmqol aoib mpni yqt rwy,
ci-imi'tu ylii avvn ubaf iw'tmuni.
4From the voice of an enemy, from the presence of the pressure of a wicked one,
for they slip mischief upon me and in anger they oppose me.
hlibi ikil bqrbi,
vaimot mvvt nplu ylii.
5My heart is in turmoil within me,
and the horrors of death fall upon me.
virah vryd iboa bi,
vtcsni plxut.
6Fear and trembling come upon me,
and tremors cover me.
zvaomr mi-iitn-li abr cionh ayuph vawconh. 7And I said, Who will give me a pinion like a dove, that I may fly away and find a roost.
khnh arkiq ndod,
alin bmdbr slh.
8Then far off would I flee,
and bide my time in the wilderness. Selah.
'takiwh mpl't li,
mruk soyh msyr.
9I would hurry to my security,
from a storming wind and tempest.
ibly adonii plg lwonm,
ci-raiti kms vrib byir.
10Swallow up, my Lord, entangle their tongue,
for I have seen violence and contention in the city.
iaiomm vlilh isobbuh yl-komotih,
vavvn vyml bqrbh.
11Day and night they surround her upon her ramparts,
and mischief and toil are within her.
ibhuot bqrbh,
vla-imiw mrkobh toç umrmh.
12Calamities are within her,
and unfeeling from her plazas are fraud and deceit.
igci la-aoib ikrpni vawa,
la-mwnai ylii hgdil,
vaistr mmnu,
13For no enemy is reproaching me or I would bear it,
nor someone hating me over me magnifying himself,
or I would hide from him,
idvath anow cyrci,
alupi umiudyi.
14but you, mortal, as one arranged for me,
my captain, and known to me.
'tvawr ikdiv nmtiq sod.
bbit alohim nhlç brgw.
15Together we had sweet intimacy.
In the house of God we walked in the throng.
'tziwia mvvt ylimo iirdu waol kiim,
ci-ryot bmgurm bqrbm.
16Let death lure them. Let them descend alive to the grave,
for the evils in their hospitality within them.
izani al-alohim aqra,
vihvh iowiyni.
17As for me, upon God I will call,
and Yahweh will save me.
ikyrb vboqr vxohriim awikh vahmh,
viwmy qoli.
18Evening and morning and middays I will ponder and murmur,
and he will hear my voice.
i'tpdh bwlom npwi mqrb-li,
ci-brbim hiu yimdi.
19He has ransomed my being in peace from my close combat,
because of the many that are with me.
ciwmy al viynm viowb qdm slh awr ain klipot lmo,
vla irau alohim.
20God will hear and will answer them and the one sitting of old, Selah, that there is no renewal for them,
and they do not fear God.
cawlk idiv bwlomiv kill brito. 21He extended his hands against those at peace with him. He has profaned his covenant.
cbklqu mkmaot piv uqrb-libo,
rcu dbriv mwmn vhmh ptikot.
22Smoother than clotted cream his mouth but close combat in his heart,
his mollifying words oily, but they were swords unsheathed.
cghwlç yl-ihvh ihbç vhua iclclç.
la-iitn lyolm mo't lxdiq.
23Cast your care on Yahweh and he himself will nourish you.
He will never let a righteous one be moved.
cdvath alohim toridm lbar wkt anwi dmim umrmh la-ikxu imihm.
vani ab'tk-bç.
24But you, O God, will make them descend to the well of destruction. Persons of blood and deceit will not reach half their days.
But as for me, I will trust in you.

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