Saturday, January 2, 2021

Psalms 145:8-14

 I am very happy to present our first formal project in the Hebrew Bible Music Project at the Church of St John the Divine in Victoria, BC. 

The Choral Scholars are under the direction of David Stratkauskis. My introduction is 3 minutes. The 8 verses take just over 4 minutes to sing. Thanks to St John the Divine and David and the scholars for their work to create this. 

St John's has done one other earlier recording in a live liturgical setting of Isaiah 12. Both these show the applicability of this music to use in a liturgical setting. Both these examples show just how well the music interprets the text and enhances our ability to hear it. 

We hope to do more of these examples in the months and years to come. St John the Divine, Victoria BC, has set up a fund for contributions to fund additional projects. 20% of the donations to the fund go to the Organ Restoration project. The remaining 80% is for the performance costs of producing the video. The purpose is to show how the music embedded in the Hebrew text can be effectively used in a liturgical setting.

The requirements for approval of a music project are that it should illustrate the liturgical use of the music embedded in the text of the Hebrew Bible. Readers of this blog will know that I have been hoping for suggestions outside of my own arrangements. A portion of the donations for a project under the fund can be directed to the arranger of the music. If you would like to contribute to a project, please feel free to direct a donation to the Church of St John the Divine. If you would like to sponsor a project, please let me know your thoughts on the passage, suggested musical forces, potential arranger, or any other issues.

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