Thursday, January 21, 2021

Psalms 57

 Am I becoming predictable in my choices of Psalms to read? Likely not. These psalms in the late 50s seem particularly applicable to today's events. God regretted making Saul king. How about that eh? David describes (verse 5) what is was like to stumble through that period.

One good reason to read the psalms is to note just how applicable they are. Another is described here by Jim Gordon at Living Wittily.





almnxk al-twkt ldvid mctm,
bborko mpni-waul bmyrh.
1For the leader. Do not destroy. Of David, a miktam,
when he ran away from the face of Saul in the cave.
bkonni alohim konni ci bç ksih npwi,
ubxl-cnpiç aksh,
yd iybor huot.
2Be gracious to me O God be gracious to me for in you is refuge for my being,
and in the shadow of your wings I make my refuge,
until calamities are passed by.
gaqra lalohim ylion,
lal gomr ylii.
3I will call to God Most High,
to the One who obliterates over me.
diwlk mwmiim viowiyni kirf woapi slh.
iwlk alohim ksdo vamito.
4He will send from heaven and will save me. He reproached the one bearing down on me. Selah.
God will send his kindness and his truth.
hnpwi btoç lbaim awcbh loh'tim,
bni-adm winihm knit vkixim,
ulwonm krb kdh.
5I am among great cats. I lie down with those who are blazing,
the children of humanity, their teeth spears and arrows,
and their tongue a keen sword.
vrumh yl-hwmiim alohim,
yl cl-harx cbodç.
6Be high over the heavens O God,
over all the earth your glory.
zrwt hcinu lpymii cpf npwi.
cru lpnii wikh.
nplu btoch slh.
7A net they have prepared for my footfall. Disturbed is my being.
They have dug facing me a ditch.
They have fallen into the midst of it. Selah.
kncon libi alohim ncon libi.
awirh vazmrh.
8My heart is prepared O God, my heart is prepared.
I will sing and I will sing a psalm.
'tyurh cbodi yurh hnbl vcinor ayirh wkr. 9Be roused my glory. Be roused O lute and harp. I will rouse the dawn.
iaodç bymim adonii.
azmrç blaumim.
10I will give you thanks among the peoples my Lord.
I will sing you a psalm among the tribes.
iaci-gdol yd-wmiim ksdç,
vyd-wkqim amitç.
11For great to the heavens is your kindness,
and to the skies your truth.
ibrumh yl-wmiim alohim,
yl cl-harx cbodç.
12Be high over the heavens, O God,
over all the earth your glory.
Interesting to compare (verse 1 above) Do not destroy with Deuteronomy 9:26, the only other place in the canon outside the four psalms, 57, 58, 59 and 75 where the phrase in the inscription occurs.

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