Saturday, December 15, 2018

Advent links - week 2

Grover Advent
Prepare him room. Here's a sweet cartoon my daughter sent me.

What else did I find this week?

Andrew posts on not having the answers until you have seen the data. It should be disarming. But the question I have been thinking of is how do I prepare for the spirit and presence with me? I must confess my anger at least to myself and then purge it from my dialogue. [I have done this with my intro to Bob's Bible - it is, I hope, purged of king Bob.] This is difficult for a number of reasons. But now that I have seen some of the data, I may be able to approach the New Testament again without letting the answers get in the way of my reading.

Bosco Peters always has resources for the next week. Here's his Advent 3 preparation with the history of a collect.

OUP has an article on international disability rights and how courts are interpreting them.

Henry is reading Brevard Childs.

Bosco Peters has an extra on disagreeing with the Bible. I can agree that there are internal contradictions. Does it matter? I don't think so. What then is the Bible good for? Why is it so revered, so reviled, so relevant, and so ignored all at the same time?

It is a serious concern given the text of Matthew that Phil Long is commenting on here.

Ancient board game, 58 Holes, 'spread like wildfire?'

Modern Internet analysis - the genesis of the site - much more recent than I thought.

Pete Enns on St Nick (from 2012)

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