Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No songs but good words

England today is as far away as ancient times. All words and no sounds. U-tube blocks these songs. But AKM Adam in a rare long post gives much interpretation that is worth while reading. The post is here.
the Mountain Goats make the moral and theological ambivalence of the Bible audible again without resolving that ambivalence into cloying pieties, defiant blasphemies, or historical criticism.
One would seek in vain for Darnielle’s lyrics to suggest that a historical reading of a particular verse legitimates his exposition. Neither, of course, does he back up his interpretive approach from creedal or magisterial authority. The standing of the Bible relative to Darnielle’s compositions derives from the extent to which he and his audience sense that he is telling the truth about the world in his (biblical) idiom. - See more at: the Disseminary.
Trouble is of course, if our lust of truth demands power, we will miss the point again. Perhaps there is where Qohelet has it - there is no point... but maybe there is a pointer.

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