Thursday, 9 July 2015

Further automation of the music

Is anyone out there using the XML files I produce auto-magically for the music of the Bible? I tested adding text from my translated sections if they exist. The initial placement is usable but often runs off the page since my program does not know where on the page a bar will be. I have not used this for the standard copies. [Update, as of 2015.08.31, all chapters of the Bible are now available.]

An automated interlinear translation to the lyrics is technically possible but a lot more complex and it would be unreadable due to word order. Now with the English text available, non Hebrew readers can see if there is any sense that the music underscores.

Psalm 1 worked quite well - surprising since there are several more carriage returns that I did not code for.

Lamentations 5 had to be adjusted.

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