Saturday, November 15, 2014

Psalm 84 some analysis of the domains of interest in the poem

Of the 116 words in this psalm, 58 (50%) are in the domain of Promise – at least that’s the way I am counting the words at the moment. The graph shows a little of the breakdown. My translation is below the graph. You can see 6 words designating the human being. These interactive graphics using the GX-LEAF Software are turning into some fun as I review all my translations of the Psalms, the Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Job, Jonah, Ruth, Qohelet, and bits and pieces of Isaiah, Amos, and Esther as well as the music I have so far generated. We are actively working on getting the music interactive. I would welcome interaction if you have skills in Biblical Studies and Oracle/.NET. But I must admit I don't have sufficient funding - so it has to be for love, as they say.
Charts showing the distribution of words in Psalm 84
For the leader
at the Gittite settlement
of the children of Korah
a psalm

How beloved your dwellings
יהוה of hosts

my being aches and is even consumed
for the courts
of יהוה
my heart and my flesh
shout to the living One

Even bird finds house
and swallow nest for herself
where she sets her brood
at your altars יהוה of hosts
my king and my God

Happy those sitting in your house
ever they will praise you

Happy the human whose strength is in you
with a highway in their heart

passing through the valley of weeping
they mark it a spring
even with blessings wrapped from instruction
They will walk on from wealth to wealth
and will appear to God in Zion

יהוה God of hosts
hear my prayer
give ear God of Jacob

See our shield O God
and take note of the face of your anointed

for good is a day in your courts
over a thousand that I chose
door-keeping in the house of my God
over loitering in the tents of wickedness

For battlement and shield is יהוה God
יהוה will give grace and glory
no good will he withhold
from those who walk in completeness

יהוה of hosts
happy the human who trusts in you

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