Sunday, October 30, 2011

Narrow place and broad place

We don't see Egypt as a symbol for 'the world' in the negative sense these days, but Bishop Tutu, writing to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) says
"Salvation means being called out of our narrow bonds into a broad place of welcome to all." 
(via Facebook and James McGrath).

Look at the resonance with the Psalms. Narrow bonds - Egypt מצרים is Mitsraim, within the word is צר Tsar - straits - (Psalm 3) narrow. Contrast Psalm 18.20
He will bring me out into extraordinary (רחב broad) space
he will rescue me for he delighted in me

Balanced in Psalm 18.37 at the end of that section.

Narrow and broad - whatsoever you bind ... Have we learned to bind and loose knowing the mercy under which we have life?

My troubled son wants to write a book (or a song) called How to stay in Heaven when you get there.

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