Saturday, 1 October 2011

Psalm 23 - de-sensed

I am rereading with some delight Rabbi Magonet's little book on the psalms (2003) in which he quotes this construction of Psalm 23 by "five clever young men in Christ Church, Oxford", quoted from the Telegraph.

Still waters aside - here it is, dynamic equivalence for the technical guru
The Lord and I are in a shepherd/sheep situation, and I am in a position of negative need. He prostates me in a green belt grazing area; he conducts me directionally parallel to non-torrential aqueous liquid. He returns to original satisfaction levels my psychological make-up; He switches me on to a positive behavioural format for maximal prestige of his identity. 
It should indeed be said that not-withstanding the fact that I make ambulatory progress through the umbrageous inter-hill mortality slot, terror sensations will not be instantiated within me due to para ethical phenomena. Your pastoral walking aid and quadruped pickup unit introduce me into a pleasurific mood-state. 
You design and produce a nutrient-bearing furniture-type structure in the context of non-cooperative elements. You act out a head-related folk ritual employing vegetable extract; my beverage utensil experiences a volume crisis. 
It is an ongoing deductible fact that your inter-relational empathetical and non-vengeance capabilities will retain me as their target focus for the duration of my non-death period; and I will possess tenant rights in the housing unit of the Lord on a permanently open-ended time basis.
R. Magonet quotes the Telegraph writer's conclusion: Having read that, I assume the translators of the Authorized Version have adopted an ongoing burial rotation posture.

May the vulnerable inner pulsing engine that beats the duration of your non-death period find in the interstices of its measured pulse the experiential sensible tenderness component of the manifest Presence.

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