Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid month forgetfulness

I had a full day today - I delivered my presentation at 10:30 and I think it was received as I intended it. (Some details at these posts) There was good interest and engagement with my simple 'rhetorical criticism' but then I had so much difficulty with my computer later in the day that I forgot to go to the regular Wednesday lecture! Yech - but we will discuss it tomorrow so I will get a bit of the context.  Just look at what I missed.
We often think we know how the Roman Catholic church treated women in the 16th and 17th centuries. Indeed, a study of the court from that period in France suggests a gradual shift by lawmakers from a heightened stance against Protestant heresy toward greater concentration on the enforcement of Catholic morality. At first this policy focused on female sexual deviance, vigorously pursuing “loose women” such as adulteresses and prostitutes. To those familiar with the general outlines of the Catholic Reformation, this may sound like a familiar story. The results of the changes brought about by the law courts of France, however, may come as a surprise.
In the meanwhile, I have been reading and commenting on other blogs. My starred items this month include a bunch on theological issues.
  • Nathan MacDonald (no relation) noted here 
  • The War prayer
  • A quote from Bauckham where I left a question
  • A post on the Zohar - that looks like an interesting and incarnational journey
  • A question yet to be approved on theology - I do not consider that all theology has to be 'Christian' but you know what I think of exclusive adjectives. The link came to my attention because of a recent post. (where my comment was immediately accepted)
  • Finally, engaging with Theophrastus on BLT is a delight. Here is another Iyov. Welcome respite.