Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The whole story

What John Hobbins calls my magnificent obsession continues.  Here's the latest 'summary' with all the posts on the psalms.  Now I need to start thinking how to tell the story - who are the characters, what is the plot, purpose, what is the impact, the setting, etc.  Still wondering how to do this without writing a traditional commentary and yet another new translation. The date is the date I last changed the text of the translation. I have made other changes like adding notes or adjusting roots or prosodic form, but I didn't include those in the list.

LinkDate last changedTitle based on New FramesBrief
1 2011.08.25The way of the wicked and the righteousin which the main characters, wicked and righteous, are introduced, and the invitation to learn a fullness of joy in the judgement is offered
2 2011.09.10I introduce my king to the kings of the earthin which we find ourselves in the midst of a struggle, kings set against יְהוָה and his anointed, and the means of escape into a safe haven
32011.07.20A multitude of peoples rising, salvationhow the elect of יְהוָה lives in immediate and present trouble and requires both salvation and the consolation of the presence of יְהוָה.
42011.09.13I call, you hear : you offer, you trustin which יְהוָה rebukes the elect who affirms confidence for sleep and quiet communion.
5 2011.09.21My voice in the morning in youin which the character of יְהוָה is considered and the elect claims a place in the house and holy temple
62011.09.13My life vexed and shamed muchin which the prayer of the elect is suddenly answered and the result is fearful, but the prayer continues.
7 2011.09.13The judgement of toil and trouble establishedin which the persecuted, insisting that it is not appropriate to take responsibility for actions not committed, sees the reality of destruction as established
8 2011.09.13יְהוָה our Lord how majestic your name in all the earthin which we marvel at the reign of the child of dust over all the earth under the excellent name of the governor.
92011.09.13Sing a psalm perpetuallyin which we begin an acrostic declaring the fragility of the human
102011.09.13Value spurnedin which an incomplete acrostic, concerning the characters in the story: the criminal, the poor, the orphan, the hapless, and the crushed, is ended with a restored letter sequence when יְהוָה arises
11 2011.09.20Love tested to see the uprightin which we meet the beloved, the upright one in which יְהוָה is pleased
12 2011.07.22Lips and tongue divide the children of dustin which there is lament over the faithlessness and divisions of the children of dust
13 2011.09.13How long?in which there is an insistent query with intense desire concerning the state of a single individual among the children of dust
14 2011.09.19There is none good – they dread dreadin which we have insight concerning the general state of the children of dust and its dependency on the action of יְהוָה towards his people
152011.07.22A sevenfold nowith all stubborn and altogether abominable, who then among the children of dust can be complete in the tent of יְהוָה ?
16  2011.09.13The pleasures and the right handin which the elect reveals the tension inherent in the world and chooses the refuge, the portion, and the secure place of trust in which he or she will not be moved and where there is satisfaction of joys in the presence of יְהוָה
172011.09.21Satisfied with the ears and eyes of יְהוָהin which the poet, held and unmoved, knows judgement and, seeing the enemy as the hand of יְהוָה and the wicked as his sword, desires nothing but to awaken in the likeness of יְהוָה
182011.09.18The servant, complete, securein which passion for יְהוָה is revealed of a servant in the midst of death and destruction moved by gentleness and destined for greatness even though the enemies are too strong
19 2011.09.14Night to night even to the extremitiesin which we hear the silent promise of God that is everywhere spoken through the heavens day to day and night to night and gives light and warmth like the teaching, testimony, precepts, commandment, fear, and judgements of יְהוָה
20 2011.07.23Holy answer, we are filledin which the people pray for the anointed
21 2011.09.15Strength to him and blessing setin which the prayer for the king is considered answered
222011.09.15Praise to the hart of the dawn in the congregationin which uniqueness is surrounded by animals, and yet is not distant from God and will praise him in the great congregation where all will eat and worship
232011.09.19-in which we know a respite such as is never far away, even with distress arrayed before us
242011.09.15This mighty king of glory entersin which the king of glory enters and we hear a repetition of questions
252011.09.15I wait, in covenant teach me your pathsin which the elect celebrates the lifting up of the king of glory on behalf of all, but reminds God of trouble and the need for pardon
262011.09.16Walk in completenessin which the poet offers to be the elect
272011.09.16I seek, you will not forsakein which the elect exalts יְהוָה in his beauty and allows questions of a fearful nature
282011.09.16Hear the voice of my supplicationin which the elect does not want יְהוָה to be silent to supplication
292011.09.16Ascribe beauty, break the cedars of Lebanonin which יְהוָה is clearly not silent to supplication
302011.09.16Acceptancein which the elect gains in confidence because of healing received
31 2011.09.21Wasting away but a strong rock intervenesin which the elect expresses full confidence in יְהוָה God of truth, and by example, encourages others who hope in יְהוָה
32 2011.09.17Insight re transgression and iniquityin which the poet with insight notes the working of happiness related to sin forgiven or lifted up
33 2011.09.17Sing, counsel standsin which is celebrated the poet's trust in יְהוָה who made the heavens and the earth, who understands the turmoil of the nations and of the sea and the deeps, and whose eye is on those who fear him
342011.09.16The madness of taste, nothing lackingin which we play the third of eight alphabet games and almost a perfect one and we see that these poets liked games with letters and language
352011.09.17Contend my contentionin which the elect prays for judgement in the midst of contention
362011.09.17Light in mischiefin which the oracle of the wicked is seen in the light of יְהוָה
372011.09.17Burning instead of delightin which we receive good advice against considering the fortune of others
38 2011.09.17To remember the referee of the fleshin which the poet retains hope because the face of wrath is so clear
392011.09.17Futility, she is boundin which the poet prepared to resist sin especially with the tongue, bursts out with a demand to יְהוָה as to the what for of this futile exercise
40 2011.09.04Behold, continually unrestrainedin which we read that the end to be known is continually unrestrained mercy
41 2011.08.25In me amenin which trouble continues, but so does the completeness we have entered and are in: וַאֲנִי בְּתֻמִּי תָּמַכְתָּ בִּי
42 2011.09.16Longing – where?in which through insight a deep longing is expressed concerning the depths of being and the desire for presence
432011.08.25-in which the poet prays for judgement in the grip of an enemy
44 2011.09.17Why is this flock set up as reproach?in which we hear the corporate voice clearly
452011.08.25Beautiful father's daughter brought, palaces under sceptrein which the marriage of the king is celebrated, to the joy and inspiration of both poet and community
462011.09.19She will not be movedin which the city of God is introduced
472011.07.23Il monte et voilà - un cri de joiein which we are invited to shout and sing psalms because of the triumphant offering of the elect
48 2011.09.16The city of our God, the town of a great kingin which we learn how to see the holy city
49  2011.09.19The house of the proverbial precious dust like beastsin which the elect riddles us a parable concerning who can afford to live
502011.09.19Silence – goats to youin which God instructs the people of his mercy with respect to sacrifice
51 2011.08.25Blot out - purify - wash, then joy indeedin which the anointed, in sin, finds himself facing the righteousness of God
52 2011.07.23Deceit and calamityin which the capacity of the tongue for destruction and deceit is made clear
532011.09.19-in which we are reminded of the difficulty of finding one doing good
542011.07.22-in which David, the fugitive, is again betrayed but also has supporters
552011.09.19The inner close combatin which we see what David sees, violence within the city
562011.08.25Will ye no come back again?in which we see the fugitive elect daily confident in the presence of God
57 2011.08.30Be rousedin which the elect, still fugitive, among lions, continues in praise
58 2011.09.20Like hot snake charmingin which the righteous washes his footfall in the blood of the wicked
592011.09.20Dogs in the eveningin which the elect is again watched, his enemy having sent those who are set to take his life
602011.09.16The last miktam, inscribed geographyin which the land is defined
61 2011.07.22my vowin which we see an individual poet, not the king, living for ever in the tent of God because of a shared inheritance
622011.09.20of lies - mutein which surely silence is a good option
63 2011.07.21A psalm of joyin which we learn of the king's ecstasy in his God
64 2011.09.21suddenly – to planin which we engage in target practise
652011.09.16drips for the extremes - even in noisein which God provides for the earth and soothes the tumult of its tribes
66 2011.09.21refiningin which we are instructed in the content of a prayer of praise and the rationale for it
67 2011.08.03-in which we identify God's judgement with the harvest of the earth
682011.08.25captivity captive – riding the stormin which we see God's determination to be present in his holy hill, to drive away wickedness, to capture captives, to receive gifts in spite of the jealousy of other hills
69 2011.09.20sinking in overflowing floods in depthin which the elect is sunk in a wine from the deep and there is no foothold
702011.07.24hurryin which we are asked to remember
71 2011.09.12the declarations of youth and agein which the poet sings of the one who desires for us to be one in him and he in us
722011.07.24the needy the sun, moon, and Shebain which we see the full scope of the role of the Anointed
732011.09.19how is the heart touched soin which the poet identifies with both the beastly nature of wickedness and the bodily nature of the good
742011.08.25senseless, the signs and the appointed placein which the poet laments the destruction of the sanctuary and appeals to both creation and covenant for protection of the turtledove from the senseless and the adversary
75 2011.07.26the hornin which the red cup of judgment is drained to the dregs
762011.09.01in which human heat as clothing is worn by God
77 2011.09.05remembering the wonderful prodigalityin which we prepare to remember
782011.09.20commanding and guiding an imprisoned and provocative peoplein which is presented the entire epic of Israel for our instruction
79 2011.09.09the pouring out of Jerusalemin which the home of Jacob is devoured
80 2011.09.13the rooted vine in tearsin which is a prayer for the presence of salvation for the vine rooted in tears
81 2011.09.13in which while recapitulating a determined hope we hear what the thunder said
82 2011.08.27judge in favour of the weakin which the consequences of unjust judgement are spelled out
83 2011.09.16no no no - not silencein which the poet prays that the enemy in covenant against God might come to know God's name through their own disgrace and vexation
84 2011.09.16the courts of יְהוָהin which the poet meditates on finding a home
852011.09.04in which the turning of God's people is considered
862011.09.08in which David makes an unexpected appearance
872011.07.25who was born here?in which the citizens of the City of God are revealed
882011.07.25in a pit, entombedin which the elect is in a jam
89 2011.09.14of anointed and sworn to build – creation not profanedin which the poet laments the failure of the Davidic monarchy
90 2011.08.25of transient changein which Moses intercedes for the elect and for all
912011.08.25in which we bidden exchange feathers for wrath in the shadow of the Sufficient
922011.08.16about luxuriant flourishingin which the righteous is likened to a palm tree
932011.08.15the riversin which crushing waves cannot drown the majesty on high
94 2011.08.25how long vengeance - will the one who fashions also annihilate?in which the one divided finds correction and consolation
952011.08.25them!in which it is revealed that there remains a rest for God
962011.08.25the worldin which the invitation is given again to worship in the honour of holiness for the judgment of the world in righteousness
97 2011.08.25in which the earth is invited to rejoice for the fire that is from within the presence and the many righteous to give thanks for the remembrance of holiness
98 2011.08.25on the harpin which a new song is invited for the salvation seen to the ends of the earth
99 2011.08.26in which we are in the presence of the holy
100 2011.08.27in which the invitation to thanksgiving continues
101 2011.08.24in which the poet records intent and the response is of destruction
102 2011.09.04of dried up herbagein which the poet realizes dependence and the need for renewal
1032011.08.19nurturing compassion - as benefits the grasses' flushin which the blessings are piled on plural to plurality and all the hosts are invited to bless in return
1042011.09.14drink from the upper roomsin which we review the created order
1052011.08.31of Abraham and portents - bordersin which the promises and statutes are rehearsed from Abraham to Moses
106 2011.09.14reeds - Moses in the breach - extermination, plague, and idolsin which an unknown individual makes a plea to be remembered when the people come into their acceptance
107 2011.09.16the cry, distress - hunger, iron, waves, tempest and fruitin which, having reviewed the testimony of Moses for the elect, the invitation to redemption is extended retroactively to the whole world
1082011.08.30in which we recall both the prepared heart and inscribed geography
109 2011.09.02the accuser, blot out, curse progeny to wanderingin which an individual suffers a severe curse as one who must come to judgment
110 2011.08.31in which the king as priest drinks from the torrent in the way
111 2011.09.16Verily his righteousness stands in perpetuity in which the poet plays the first of two praises reflecting the redemption of the elect people
112 2011.08.31in which the poet plays the second of two praises reflecting the redemption of the prepared heart
1132011.08.31to live with the nobility in which the protagonists, the poor and needy, are made to sit with princes
1142011.09.19lambkin and little hills skipping in which the process of the redemptive birthing of the earth is recalled
1152011.07.22trust and blessing in which all are included in the blessing
1162011.09.07now pleasein which the individual celebrates the cup of salvation
117 2011.09.01in which all are again included
1182011.09.01the circumcision in which the elect is refused but becomes the headstone
1192011.09.21I note the pathway to the extraordinary spacein which the poet expresses his adoration for and cleaves to all the aspects of the instruction that are available to humanity
120 2011.09.02the first of the ascending steps to the Holy - woe to me for I live a charade
121 2011.09.19no snoozing the second of the ascending steps to the Holy - keeping
1222011.09.16the third of the ascending steps to the Holy - Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
123 2011.08.31of contempt the 4th of the ascending steps to the Holy - eyes
124 2011.08.31unless ... then - we escape the snare the 5th of the ascending steps to the Holy - escape
125 2011.09.16the 6th of the ascending steps to the Holy - mountains
126 2011.09.16the 7th of the ascending steps to the Holy - joy
1272011.08.23in vainthe middle of the ascending steps to the Holy - building the house
128 2011.07.21the 9th of the ascending steps to the Holy - children
1292011.07.25the 10th of the ascending steps to the Holy - troubled from youth
1302011.08.31the 11th of the ascending steps to the Holy - forgiveness
131 2011.08.31the 12th of the ascending steps to the Holy - weaned
1322011.09.19rest, Mighty One, priest the 13th of the ascending steps to the Holy - the rest of יְהוָה
1332011.07.20the 14th of the ascending steps to the Holy - unity running down as oil, as dew
1342011.07.21the 15th of the ascending steps to the Holy - blessing on the verge
1352011.09.03in the courts of יְהוָה sing a psalm to his name for pleasure
1362011.09.16in partsin which we praise for creation and redemption for his mercy endures for ever
1372011.09.03Babel, expose in which remembering is expressed from many voices
1382011.09.06in which all give thanks for the completion of the work of יְהוָה for the sake of the elect
1392011.09.19from you examine mein which the elect knows the reserving of יְהוָה even through death and awakening
1402011.09.07violencein which fragility and the need for protection are not forgotten
141 2011.09.07trapsin which the elect realizes culpability even when traps are set
1422011.09.07appealin which prayer continues
1432011.09.03in which the poet continues prayer and looks for an end to enemies through God's loving kindness recognizing that no one is justified in God's presence
1442011.09.08set me free with a bolt of lightningin which the poet prays for both individual and people, a fullness of creation
1452011.09.08in which the poet with an army of kaf's sounds the completion of the Psalter and its universality
1462011.09.03The first of the final Hallels - freedom, sight, consolation, love, preservation, restoration, subversion
1472011.09.08favourThe second of the final Hallels - the word runs swiftly
1482011.09.02The third of the final Hallels - the praise of all creation
1492011.09.08The 4th of the final Hallels in which the חֲסִידִים bind the kings
1502011.07.27cymbalsThe final Hallel, the praise of all that breathes