Friday, September 23, 2011

Old cool graphics

Theology seems to me like a fractal sometimes, so I downloaded on my old xp machine a fractal generator from chaoscope - quite easy to use and come up with some interesting images.

So now I'm imagining picking up any single word and spinning it's 'formula' into a sentence, paragraph, or essay with examples about the theology in the Psalter. Possible?

So start with David. Will this eventually spin the royal purple? Or the place of the lilies. Yellow, perhaps. What about Korah and associates? Why are they surrounded by David? And the exile and the lament concerning the monarchy? Or the exile, wisdom, and the acrostics (all the acrostic poems suggest including Lamentations and Proverbs). And the response of Moses in Book 4. What is the shape and colour of the instruction? And what about the Teacher and the method of teaching?

And if we turn the fractal image and turn it again, it changes. So does our reflection on the history and text we have received.