Monday, September 19, 2011

KJV 400th continuous read-through

Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria has begun a Biblethon, a complete reading out loud in the Nave of the King James Translation. I listened to a couple of hours today, following along in my Tanakh.  This was an experiment - following where I have no English clues as to where we are.  One reader asked me at a hiatus - what chapter did we stop at? I had come into the church at the spot about bricks and straw and then a new reader had taken over without announcing the beginning of her chapters, but fortunately I had just found my place - so I said: chapter 12 of Exodus.  And he said - Oh - that's where I start.  So he started.

It's like my first experience of reading musical scores 50 years ago - you try and find clues as to where the reader is, then you catch up and keep up.

Tonight there is a performance of the Song of Songs by a theatre company. Same company doing Job on Thursday. Must continue.  I read tomorrow (Esdras) and Friday (Hosea).  (Remember). I feel very irresponsible not checking the translation of Esdras.