Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Idries Shah - thinkers of the East

As I was organizing my books - impossible - and in the middle of some mechanical preparation of the 150 chapters - the 100 remaining - of my current writing, I came across this lovely quote in a book which I have inherited from Murray Adaskin.
Scholars desire to study mystics but mystics never need to study scholars
I am not sure I am eager to agree - for I do study scholars, but whether I am a mystic I do not know nor particularly care. Mystic needs to be incarnational, so that its grounding does not fly away into evanescence. This is a book on Sufi knowledge so I will probably read a bit of it. Sufi is known for stretching to incarnational language and being criticized for it, sometimes severely.

Speaking of incarnational thinking - see Rachel's latest post, God's afterimage.