Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Museum of Anthropology and other things

Here are some images from the museum of anthropology and some churches around Cambridge - St Butolph, Great St Mary's and Kings. I stayed too long in the library to get to the Kings' evensong. The little red mailbox at Kings is where I mailed my postcard to my office. The last picture is the crazy clock that always wows the tourists. It was unusual to be able to get an unencumbered view. The museum has all sorts of totems and things from several cultures. The Assembling Bodies display was amusing - some of them are very hard to see in an image - look at the one that appears in the space before the BC totem pole. The array of forks made from trees are not a pleasant reminder of primitive practices in Fiji. Yes they are cannibal forks.

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  1. From Bruce
    Your mention of the red mail box outside Kings brought back memories. Is the Green Kettle cafe/restaurant still across the road and down a bit from Kings? I used to walk there every morning from the law library (then located adjacent or part of Old Schools and in the same quadrant as the Senate House) for a cup of coffee. And sometimes put things in the Kings post box.
    The slide show embedded in your post worked well.