Thursday, 21 October 2010

Almog - Qumran - and points north

We are 2 weeks into our trip with 1 week to go. Today we began at Almog, traveled south to Qumran, scrambled up to the cave in the mountains and then drove north to Beit She-an and Tiberias where we are staying at the YMCA - a beautiful space with a hot spring in the lake of Galilee (or Kinnereth, as the locals call the body of water here).

The lake is surrounded by lights at night - but not enough to capture in a night photo. They are spread thinly around the lake.

On our way north we stopped at Beit-Alfa where in 1928 a complete Synagogue floor was uncovered while digging an irrigation ditch. The floor is lovely - in three main sections, the Akedah - the binding of Isaac, a section in the middle containing the signs of the Zodiac, and a depiction of the place of the Torah in the 'top' section.

Early morning at Kibbutz Almog:

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