Thursday, 7 October 2010

Last full day in Cambridge

I walked the streets today from Blossom Cemetary to the Cathedral of Mary and the English Martyrs, then to the Polar Museum (Browsable here) and the Fitzwilliam. (Their search appears not to work). From there I walked to the library and read some more on Job (Seybold) and Psalms (yes more on 137 in the Word Commentary). Ended up at Selwyn to hear the choir practice.

I checked a few books on Job and could not find anyone to confirm my sense of the inclusio implied by Leviathan and the eyelids of dawn. I will eventually pursue both Psalms and Job together and refine my thoughts - maybe even (after reading some of the hymn selections in my daughter's office) try for some real poetry. I am convinced that Job should be performed as drama, but it takes a lot of work and would need to create its own audience in this age. Hymns must have more substance than what I glanced at in this preview of a supplement to Common Praise (a hymn book I cannot stand to begin with). Personally, any sampler that tells me it is going to 'refresh' worship has already got three strikes against it. Where are the scholars when we need real poetry? Where are the poets who know the psalms and will not feed us pabulum?

For a few weeks I will be taking things in and may perhaps post some travel pictures.

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