Sunday 24 October 2010

Mount Tabor - Har Tavor

On our way to Nazareth we visited Har Tavor (Mt Tabor), the mount of the transfiguration. It is indeed a high mountain - not far from Nazareth but far enough to have been a full day's trek if not two, about 24 km from Kinneret.  We are reading about the Jesus trail - 5 days and 6 nights along the paths between the cities that we are visiting - Nazareth to Capurnaum including Tsipori and Mt Tabor.

It occurs to us that travel cannot be taken for granted as we do in a car (though we were soon to find that dead end streets are a problem when you are looking for a hotel that you cannot get to by car - but we did not know this). I only bashed into one telephone pole - and dented the pole and my pride more than the car - though I did add to the many scratches already on this car.

 Anyway - lost or not - as you will see, and in order not to lose our cool, we decided we must eat something. We found ourselves in an Arab restaurant where we were fed an enormous meal. It appears they pride themselves in serving everything in the house no matter what you order. We do not eat that much (remember the leftovers) and I was a bit embarrassed by the excess but I held my peace. It is a cultural difference that I may not get used to. We could have brought back the leftovers and fed this entire hotel.

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