Sunday 10 October 2010

First glimpses of the Land of the Holy One

We are in Israel - these photos of an evening walk in Jerusalem are from Friday, Oct 8. We each separately caught the shared taxi (like a Turkish dolmesh) from the Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem. Both of us thus had a tour of Jerusalem as a result!

At church this morning at St George's Cathedral, we met Bishop Alan Wilson with his 116 people from Oxford - a nice coincidence. He has started his blogging from the North here and here. We hardly had time but to say hello since we were going in and he was coming out from the prior service.

We have settled into a pattern of walk in the morning, quick lunch - humus and bread, siesta - though the weather is not hot. Then walk again - then a glass of wine and finally walk to supper. The final photo below is one that became a study as we walked through the valley to Gethsemane - I will post more photos later.

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