Monday, July 5, 2010

Repeated words in the Psalms - a selected list.

Bogged down in data is where I am. There is too much for this idea to bear short-term fruit.

Here's a list by Psalm - roughly speaking, of the repeated roots that might be structurally significant and the number of times they repeat - followed by the count of Psalms in which the same root may also be structurally significant. There are over 2300 records. The psalms are a complex knit. The list reduces to 1700 or so if I remove all two-character roots - but some of these are interesting so I didn't remove them all - only a select few. I removed the negatives but they too might prove of interest - as when your teacher says - no, no, no.

Disclaimer - long list - incomplete - may be wrong calculation of the root from the lexeme - - may be useful as a reference? Note also that Psalm 119 may contribute excessively to the count since it is for me in 5 chunks.

This post turned out to be too long to syndicate - so I have deleted most of the data

Psalm rootOccurs in n Verses in Psalm xOccurs as possible frame in y Psalms No Comments
1 רשׁע 418..
חטא 28..
צדיק 29..
2 גוי 214..
את 225..
אני 220..
3 רב 219..
שׁוע 213..
deleted from psalms 4-148
149 הלל 317..
יה 219..
חסד 328..
עשׂה 335..
כבד 210..
150 הלל 617..
יה 219..