Monday, July 12, 2010

Around and about

Here’s one on the daily bread thingy – rather interesting I think

Anyone remember another post on this that Mark Goodacre recommended several years ago?

My take on this is that we need a bit of the harvest each day – the bread that we have that we know not of, a piece of the produce of the earth – which is Christ Jesus himself – see Psalm 67. (Its centre is congruent with the centre of Psalm 9 – curious – I was doing images of Psalm 9-10 today)

and here’s one on the creed and laments – not as strong a case for laments as I would make but definitely allowing lament not to be confused with lack of faith.

By the way - I like laments, especially when my love seems to hide and leave me on stage by myself (Psalm 10:1) - to be without super-substance bread is not to be alive - but still to be sufficiently aware to know that something is lacking - weird.