Thursday, August 31, 2017

New time coming

Here is a bit of where I was October 26, 2015...
Where are you again?
Based on the automated look-ahead that I wrote in the last three weeks, I still have 75,699 unknown words, 139,330 that the computer can guess based on a single word, 22,835 that it has guessed based on two consecutive words, 2,669 based on three consecutive words, 66 based on 4 and 30 based on 5. I have 64,093 words with a selected gloss that is not computer driven.

Published on this blog or in my book on the Psalms, there are 221 of 929 chapters or 23.8%. On a verse by verse basis, all 929 chapters have been touched, 17,154 of 23,143 verses have been touched, but when you look at the empty verses as collected, there remain 18,131 to do or 78.3%.

Where am I now?
Based on the automated look-ahead I wrote and rewrote and rewrote, (but it is still just a series of comparisons, not a reworking of the grammar routines I wrote earlier), I still have 24,200 unknown words - I am down by 2/3. I have halved the number of single guesses to 64,160. 39,564 are in two-word guesses, 11,660 in three-word guesses, a five-fold increase, 3,686 in four-word guesses a 50-fold increase,  2,119 based on a five-word guess, a 70-fold increase, and 1,890 based on comparing 6 Hebrew words.  158,097 words have been 'translated'. That is the progress over 23 months. Roughly 16 chapters per month, 405 verses per month. We may finish. It's awkward but it's learning, and the software shows that there is a significant density of repetition of phrases in the fabric of the puzzle. 

We are now up to 570 chapters done 61.4%, of which an astonishing 501 have had some (minor) tweak in the last 2 months! 10,252 verses remain to be done. 

The real aspect of new time is that my household is growing from 2 persons to 6 for a while including a 2 and a 4 year old. Time will be of the essence.

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