Friday, November 11, 2016

A sweet post on Jonah

Jonah and Eden.
Like the manna-hoarding Israelites who, after the splitting of the sea, believe they can preserve their latest installment of divine largesse, the rebellious Jonah, after his own salvation at sea, renews his quest for a permanent Eden-like existence. In neither case, however, is the wish granted. Rather, God teaches Jonah, as he showed in the story of the manna, that enduring value cannot be attained by unearned gifts amassed in a day. Rather, only by persistent, plodding effort can humans strive toward a more perfect world—an opportunity that the prophet seeks to deny to the flawed inhabitants of Nineveh.
So just 'cause your fave candidate didn't win, or just 'cause your despised candidate did, plod on in the faithfulness into which you have been delivered.  (I.e. spit up by a big fish.)