Sunday, 3 May 2015

Experimenting with a Poster

Critical feedback welcome.

I have been asked based on my own expression of interest and a detailed project description that I sent to them, to prepare a poster describing my project for On the Same Page: Digital Approaches to Hebrew Manuscripts at King's College London.

I have till the 15th to think about it. (HT on the conference to Jim Davila of paleojudaica.)

Here's the PDF. I originally had A1 but moved to A2 size - about 6x 8.5x11 - I think it will be big enough. 

Comments? Could you figure out what I am getting at? Same three concepts as in Seeing the Psalter, prosody (=music), recurrence (=), and parallelism (=semantics) but applied to the whole Bible.


  1. I think it is clear, and simple and graphic. I wonder if they allow A1 you could add more textual more detailed descriptions of what you do for someone who is interested by this but wants more depth to really draw them in?

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I am still waiting for additional feedback. Judging from a sample poster I got on automatic recognition of Mandarin Chinese from my son-in-law, I could go into much more detail, but I am not sure of a number of things in what I do. It is so much a personal reading that I would rather get interest and find a way of getting these tools onto the web for wider use.

    I can imagine a set of helps (quite different from those in traditional Bible pages) that suggest alternative translations based on sequences of consonants, that show a snippet of the music in forms that illustrate the grammar as well as the music, that do searches in Hebrew and English for similar passages, that illustrate repeated text in a passage and between any two chapters or groups of chapters in the data and so on. But I am at a beginning and have only my own resources, and my language is not from the scholars of digital media (whose language I only begin to understand). It is the beginning of a pattern-matching inference engine for reading Hebrew by a non-specialist, but it needs some serious designers and users to extend the concept beyond my personal readings and beyond the rather ad hoc data design that I currently am using.

    Perhaps one of my presentations or posters will catch the attention of a visionary with resources so I can pass on the idea to a younger crowd.

    By the way, I am really enjoying the fact that you are recording all those children's stories. We had a set of Winnie-ther-Pooh on 7 inch (?) non-LP records by Maurice Evans - he was a wonderful raconteur. I hear you in his tradition.

  3. With those goals I would definitely put a section on the vision for the project, and perhaps needs... as well as still more detail on the what. People who are interested in passing posters at conferences will often stand a while and read, after all it is still less time than an oral paper....

  4. I've put more words on to the page and shuffled some around. Hope it is a bit more comprehensible - thanks for the advice.