Saturday, May 16, 2015

Walking up Mt Doug

A few shots with my new camera (Panasonic DMC ZS40). I get no kudos for the link, but I was curious about the reviews. It's a pocket size 30x zoom 18 MP. It has some manual operation but I usually just point and shoot. The Intelligent Auto setting does everything from ordinary light to backlight to night shots. It has a number of preset conditions, like sepia and black and white, somewhat funky. Here are a few useful capacities.
Here's an overall panorama of the view that we climbed to on Mt Doug using the Blenkinsop trail. Very easy to do this - all preprogrammed, just select panorama and pretend you are doing a movie.
I'm standing at the same place and this is done with the 30X optical zoom - but not the extended digital zoom - not bad detail of the cruise ship at Ogden point taken from about 7 km away.
Here's a closeup of some of the fauna - what is this? I could have taken this one with the Blackberry phone, but not the above two. And a little tripod would be helpful at times when at full zoom..

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