Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It is so difficult to stop once one is started

I should go outside, but as I was putting my bookmark into Deuteronomy 28 - verse 46 where I stopped, I had to notice that it was almost completely translated by my algorithm that suggests translations so here it is with a little adjustment here and there for grammar.

And they will be in you for a sign and for a miracle and in your seed for evermore.

All these curses, summed up in that word denial, are for a miracle upon all generations of the people - isn't that astonishing? Curses a miracle, a sign, really, then, an act of love to something beyond our perception of time.

Paul must have been reading Deuteronomy when he wrote Romans 9 to 11. I won't quote the specific verse I am thinking of but the whole fits in this fearful and wonderful land we have been given.

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