Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That little section of Psalm 18:20-25 - great test data

There are a few psalms that I have spent a long time on recently - each of them a gift: Psalm 3 and Psalm 18:20-25. (Long time = 3 weeks to 3 months considering the text in many personal and technical contexts - somehow they never age.)

Here they are in raw form transcribed by computer program and without any manual intervention or correction. There were serious initial problems with the music in Psalm 3.

Spurious silluqim, or whatever else you call them, in the Westminster Leningrad codex are messing up the music. Why, I wonder...  I think I must distinguish silluq from metheg - same Unicode but differing functions (metheg seems somewhat useless to me).  [I have got a soft decision in the code on the metheg - improves things considerably. Images have been updated using my latest changes to the routine - note how close the beat counts are in each verse of 18:20-25.]

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