Friday, February 7, 2014

Singing the Scriptures - The Music of Jonah 2

Get ready for the prayer. Keep in mind those ornaments - they will recur. If you missed chapter 1, the beginning is here.  Follow the links on the right of the page or swipe your mobile right (or left) to navigate the site. What do we learn in the belly of the fish? Well I found a few bugs and corrected them. If Aleph is the last letter, it is likely a mater and needs no syllable. And I forget the other one. Hopefully the changes will not impact other fixes that I have already made. Generalizing the rules when processing a language is tricky. But this routine is somewhat straightforward. I will discover things as I complete more and more experiments. As for the music, the double ornament of the prior chapters occurs on to you below. And as for the text, we are all a bit buggy - so hopefully we learn something from this little tale. There's a little more on this chapter from a couple of years ago (when I was concentrating on words) here. I changed the translation of verse 6 to agree with the words of Psalm 69:2. It is good, I think, to sing rather than just read. [Update A clearer sense of the rhythm is here.]

This part of the story has a sort of happy ending - the one who made the sea and the dry land gets the appointed creature to vomit the reluctant prophet from its belly in the sea at the limits of his descent to the roots of the mountains - dust from dust - onto the dry land, a little worse for wear.  Before I even look, we should compare the musical setting of the Jonah 1:2 with Jonah 3:2. I wonder, will there be any similarity?
I wonder if anyone in the #BibleGateway grid #bgbg2 is following this series?

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