Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Singing the Scriptures - The Music of Jonah 1:8-9

That first section was incomplete till this.  Does the music support subdivisions? This is something we may observe.  My original subdivisions were by word patterns - but there are so many sometimes I think it foolish to select them (even though this is what my book on the psalms is about):
  • Chapter 1 The Descent (1-9), The Mortals (10-16), 
  • Chapter 2 The Fish, 
  • Chapter 3 The Call (1-5), The Turn (6-10), 
  • Chapter 4 The City (1-5), The Tender Plant (6-11). 
Here is the rest of chapter 1 to verse 9.  After a rest (and an evening of bridge) I will continue...

8 and they said to him, make it clear to us, please
why is it that this evil is ours?
what line of work are you in?
and where have you come from?
what part of earth?
and from this people - who are you?
9 and he said to them
Hebrew I am
and I, I fear Yahweh the God of the heavens
who made the sea and the dry land

There's the intro and the setup for that reluctant prophet named Dove.

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