Friday, February 14, 2014

Singing the Scriptures - Esther

Ancient Hebrew Grammar is posting comments on the grammar of Esther over the next three weeks - so can I keep up and see if the music - (even in this late writing) - will support whatever they seem to say. I failed to complete Esther some years ago - just too strange to me and too much of a farce. But here goes.

Well, it works, it rises and falls, it tells the story. If ornaments are significant, the throwaway triplet on ha-nim-tse-im in verse 5 seems to indicate that the party was intended as a party for whoever was found - and that word found is the one with the ornament. This seems to be the high-point of the first 9 verses.  Even the invitation to extreme drinking without restraint (verse 8) does not compete - in fact it has little ornamentation.

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