Saturday, February 15, 2014

Singing the Scriptures - Esther - Chapter 1

Well - I am still not inclined to study Esther in detail - such a bias! But I can produce the full score. It is not (yet) instantaneous. Chapter 1 is here in PDF.  I deem it highly unlikely that anyone is reading this or the detailed grammar and comments at Ancient Hebrew Grammar, or that anyone will want the rest of the music in this form for this book at this time. But if I am wrong, let me know in a comment, and I will do the rest.

For now I am going to imagine how to get the computer to tell me the optimum mode for a passage of a psalm. I have first to improve the algorithm for following semi-tones in each mode, and I want to work out an avoidance strategy for spurious augmented seconds. This may give a clue to what the optimum mode might be. Having decided this within the program, I can impose the mode at the end of the run.