Friday, November 26, 2010

What's what with theology

From Eric M. Vanden Eykel, via James McGrath, I read this little bit of catechism. And more here.
According to Cyril of Alexandria, the humanity of Jesus had no other subject than the second person of the Trinity, the Word (λόγος); namely, Jesus’ body never existed apart from the Word, and thus the body of Jesus was in fact the Word’s own body. Now, a qualifier is needed, which is provided by Ephesus 431. That is, although the body of Jesus never existed apart from the Word, the Word did exist before the body of Jesus. That is, the second person of the Trinity has always existed, but the man Jesus has not.
Do I get this based on my experience of God in the Scriptures and through the death of Jesus?  Is this necessary to my salvation? Or does this sort of thinking arise from the human desire to tidy things up and express truth in a span of words about something?

Theology is a tongue and requires interpreting. Virginity is an image that requires seeing. Sex is a problem but it is not sin.

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